Social proof examples

Social proof examples to increase your conversions

Social proof is the next big thing in marketing. And, if you are attracting people to your funnel but lacking conversions it can be awesome for your business too. In this article, we’re going to review some social proof examples that you can implement on your website.

Three social proof examples for e-commerce

If you run an e-commerce website, and you have visitors, your next step is to increase conversion rates. In the case of online shops, the best way to increase the visitors to sales ratio is to increase FOMO.

Recent sales notifications

This type of notifications is great to generate conversions as they appeal to scarcity. Also, if you do it correctly, they will help your business look bigger, therefore increase trust. Sales are the most important validator and should be the first thing you do in your e-commerce.

social proof examples
A recent sales notification created in Sidepop

Aggregated sales in a period of time notifications

These types of notifications are great to further increase trust. These are the type of notifications that say, for example:

30 people bought this product last week.

When they are correctly implemented, they are perfect to reinforce your message and increase trust over time.

Add reviews to product pages

Finally, in the case of e-commerce websites, another great way to increase conversions is adding a review section, or select some curated customer reviews. Not all reviews need to be 100% positive. Actually, realistic reviews are very useful for customers when deciding a purchase.

Samples of notifications for services

If you don’t sell products, but services, social proof shall look slightly different. While most examples tend to focus on products, the truth is, services can benefit from FOMO too!

Recent people that booked a free consultation

If you offer free consultations, display that! For example, if you offer a cellphone repair service you can use a message like the following:

A person in Springfield booked a free consultation for Monday

What’s great about this example is that, by revealing the day of the booked free consultation, your prospects will see that probably your schedule is full, therefore you will generate FOMO. You can easily achieve this in Sidepop creating different notifications for every day of the week.

Read the story of a happy customer

If you have some happy customers and a blog on your website, you can create an article with an honest review from a happy customer. And if you use Sidepop, you can use it to create a customized notification that invites your users to read the article. A great example of this notification would be like this:

Meet Jane Doe, a happy customer of Acme Inc. Read her story

You can reinforce this message with a photo of the customer. Photos are great for social proof as they really can increase trust.

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